SBEC ECD Foundation Schools

SBC International ECD Foundation Schools

Welcome to the ECD Foundation, a nurturing haven for early childhood development where every child’s potential is embraced and celebrated. At ECD Foundation, we understand the critical importance of the early years in shaping a child’s future. Our dedicated team is excited to introduce you to our holistic approach to education, designed to lay the strongest foundations for lifelong learning and success.

SBEC English/French Bilingual ECD Foundation School

Step into the world of ECD Foundation’s English/French Bilingual School, where linguistic and cultural diversity thrive. Our carefully designed programs provide young minds the opportunity to explore, question, and learn in both English and French.

Through play and interactive experiences, children naturally develop language skills, enhancing cognitive abilities and gaining a deep appreciation for different cultures. Our dedicated educators create a warm and caring environment that nurtures growth in both languages, fostering not only linguistic fluency but also cognitive flexibility and global awareness.

SBEC English/Arabic Bilingual ECD Foundation School

Step into the world of ECD Foundation’s English/Arabic Bilingual School, where languages become bridges that connect young hearts and minds. Our innovative programs empower children to learn, explore, and express themselves in both English and Arabic. Through engaging activities and interactive experiences, children develop language proficiency while gaining insights into the rich cultures represented by these languages. With dedicated educators and a supportive community, we create an environment where bilingualism enhances cognitive growth, cultural understanding, and global perspectives.