Admission Policies

Admission Policies

SBEC International is open to all children on a space-available basis. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, religion, nationality or ethnic origin, in the administration of our admission policy. Parents wishing to bring their kids to SBEC are required to complete a registration form and submit the following, as part of the registration process:

  • Two passport size pictures.
  • A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Previous academic records together with a transfer letter from his/ her previous school (Not applicable for children applying for the Foundation/ECD stage)

Before admission is granted, the school conducts entrance/placement tests for new students in Mathematics, English and French/Arabic (where applicable) to assess their readiness to fit in the level applied for.  It also enables our teachers to develop plans to bridge the gap between what the student should be able to do and reality. (This test is not applicable to students going to the Foundation/ECD level).  Where a student falls below the expected level, admission can be granted subject to their parents signing up for the school’s ‘Fast Track Programme’.

NOTE: The entrance exam pass mark is 60% for High School and 70% for Junior School.

Year of Entry

Children are placed in classes based on their ages as of 1st September of the proposed year of entry. The tables below show the age appropriate classification of students. Please note that this is just a guide. Where necessitated by circumstances, having gone through close observation of the student’s academic performance over a period of time, a child may be transferred to a higher class or retained in the same class.

Year of Entry per Class Level

  • Day care: 8 Months  – 2 Years 
  • Nursery: 2 Years 1 Month –  3 Years
  • Reception 1: Years 1 Month – 4 Years
  • Reception 2: 4 Years 1 Months – 5 Years

Grade 1: 5 Years 1 Month – 6 Years
Grade 2: 6 Years 1 Month – 7 Years
Grade 3: 7 Years 1 Month – 8 Years
Grade 4: 8 Years 1 Month – 9 Years
Grade 5: 9 Years 1 Month – 10 Years
Grade 6: 10 Years 1 Month – 11 Years

Form 1: 11 Years, 1 Month – 12 Years 
Form 2: 12 Years, 1 Month – 13 Years 
Form 3: 3 Years, 1 Month – 14 Years 
Form 4: 14 Years, 1 Month – 15 Years 
Form 5: 15 Years, 1 Month – 16 Years 
Form 6: 16 Years, 1 Month – 17 Years 
Form 7: 17 Years, 1 Month – 18 Years

The Fast Track Programme

The fast track programme is designed to upgrade the level of a student in a particular subject or subjects based on the placement test. The programme is usually for a maximum period of three months. All students taking these additional lessons will take any subsequent class tests together with their peers. The results of these tests are compared to those of the initial placement tests to gauge the student’s progress. Once all available slots are filled, applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Students will be admitted from the waiting list as places become available, on first-come first-serve basis. Preference is given to siblings of already admitted students. Note that the Fast Track programme includes only English Language and French Language.

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