SBEC Primary Schools

SBC International Primary Schools

Welcome to SBEC International, a distinguished institution committed to delivering excellence in education with a global perspective. As a premier international school, we take immense pride in fostering young minds and preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world. We’re delighted to introduce you to our two outstanding bilingual primary schools, each offering a unique and enriching learning journey. With a focus on linguistic proficiency, cultural appreciation, and holistic development, SBEC International is where young learners embark on a path to become confident global citizens.

SBEC English/French Bilingual Primary School

Discover the extraordinary world of SBEC International’s English/French Bilingual Primary School, where languages open doors to diverse cultures and endless possibilities. Our innovative curriculum is meticulously crafted to nurture fluency in both English and French, enabling students to communicate effortlessly across linguistic boundaries. Through interactive lessons and cultural experiences, students not only gain linguistic mastery but also develop a deep understanding of the richness of English and French-speaking cultures. With dedicated educators, modern resources, and an inclusive environment, our English/French Bilingual Primary School empowers students to become effective communicators and global thinkers.

SBEC English/Arabic Bilingual Primary School

Step into SBEC International’s English/Arabic Bilingual Primary School, where language serves as a bridge that connects young hearts and minds. Our dynamic approach to education equips students with proficiency in both English and Arabic, fostering meaningful connections to the Arab world and beyond. Beyond language, students explore the depth of Arabic culture, history, and traditions, nurturing a well-rounded global perspective from an early age. With passionate teachers and a nurturing community, we provide a supportive space for young learners to flourish academically and personally.