Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities and the Playground

SBEC English/Arabic ECD Foundation

SBEC is a vibrant haven where young minds embark on their journey of growth and discovery. Our school is thoughtfully designed to nurture and ignite the innate curiosity and potential of each child. With a comprehensive range of facilities tailored to the needs of early learners, we provide an engaging and safe environment that promotes holistic development. From our creatively designed classrooms to our interactive learning centers, every facet of our school is crafted to foster a love for learning, exploration, and social interaction.

With a dedicated team of educators and staff, we are committed to providing a foundation that lays the groundwork for a lifelong passion for learning and a strong foundation for future academic pursuits. Welcome to a place where education and imagination intertwine, and where every child's unique journey is celebrated and supported.

Activities include:

  1. Art and Craft Workshops: Engaging creative sessions that encourage children to explore their artistic talents through various crafts and projects.

  2. Music and Movement Classes: Fun and interactive sessions that introduce children to music, rhythm, and movement, helping them develop coordination and an appreciation for music.

  3. Drama and Storytelling: Activities that involve storytelling, role-playing, and dramatic play to enhance language skills and imagination.

  4. Outdoor Nature Exploration: Excursions and activities that take children outdoors to explore nature, learn about the environment, and develop a connection with the natural world.

  5. Sports and Physical Games: Simple sports and physical games designed to improve gross motor skills, teamwork, and physical fitness.

  6. Gardening Club: Activities that involve planting, tending to a garden, and learning about plants, fostering an understanding of nature and responsibility.

  7. Science Exploration: Simple science experiments and activities that spark curiosity and introduce basic scientific concepts.

  8. Language Enrichment: Language-focused activities such as language games, language clubs, and exposure to different languages to enhance communication skills.

  9. Celebration of Cultural Events: Events and activities that celebrate various cultural festivals and traditions, promoting diversity and cultural understanding.

  10. Field Trips: Excursions to local places of interest that provide real-world learning experiences beyond the classroom.

  11. Creative Movement: Activities that focus on body movement, dance, and expression, promoting physical fitness and creativity.

  12. Puzzle and Board Game Time: Sessions where children engage in puzzles and board games that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  13. Robotics and Building Blocks: Introduction to simple robotics and building materials that encourage hands-on exploration and engineering concepts.

These extra-curricular activities are designed to provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for young learners, fostering their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.