About Classes / Subjects

About Classes

SBEC Arabic Junior School - English/Arabic

About our class structure:
Step into a world of educational wonder, where we cater to the unique learning journey of students from Grades 1 to 6. With our small class sizes of up to 25 students, we ensure personalized attention, allowing young minds to thrive.

Our spacious classrooms provide ample room for exploration, while dedicated science and ICT labs, along with a well-stocked library, empower students to delve into the realms of science, technology, and literature.

As a holistic institution, we prioritize character development alongside academics, creating a foundation for well-rounded individuals. Join us at SBEC International and unlock a world of learning that sparks curiosity, ignites passions, and prepares students for a bright future.

Core Subjects:

  • English Language
  • Arabic Language
  • Mathematics
  • Qur’anic Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Science
  • Social & Environmental Studies (SES)
  • Information and Community Technology (ICT)
  • Art

Extracurricular Subjects:

  • Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts
  • Choreography
  • Swimming
  • Physical Education (PE)
The Qur’anic program

This program prepares students from the age of two years to memories and understand the Qur’an.  Students first learn the basic skills of reading the Qur’an and Arabic.  Once they have mastered the reading skills, they are guided through the memorization process.  Each level has a target number of ‘surahs’ (Qur’anic verses) to memorize every academic year.   This ensures that by the end of Key stage 2 (Year 6) students would have completed the Qur’anic recitation process, while pursuing the national and international western education at the same time.  They can then proceed to the High School where they will further their knowledge of the Arabic language and Islamic studies in addition to the normal English subjects offered in high school.

The Arabic Program

As a way of building a strong foundation for the development of complete fluency of the Arabic language, SBEC uses native speakers to teach the Arabic program.  This exposes students to the social and cultural dimensions of the language.  Students use the Arabic language to engage with the world in a playful and completely natural way.  Children begin by developing a passive understanding of the language, which is achieved through the use of pictures, gestures and symbols.  This enables them to learn unconsciously and lose their initial inhibitions.  Students gradually begin to actively use the Arabic language and eventually, it becomes a second nature to them.

The Islamic Studies Programme

SBEC offers a comprehensive Islamic education for students, delivered by highly knowledgeable professionals.  Our approach to Islamic studies covers all relevant subjects including:

  • Aqaaid – (belief/Creed)
  • Tafseer – (Learning the meanings of the verses in the Qur’an)
  • Seerah – (History, biographical studies)
  • Fiq or Ibaadah – (Worship)
  • Akhlaaq – (Manners, Character building and Social Ethics)
  • Duas – (Supplications and Islamic Expressions)
  • Qisasul-Ambiya – (Stories of the Prophets)

Our hope is that over the years that the students spend at the Foundation, Junior and High Schools, parents would have not only fulfilled their religious obligation of teaching their children the basics of the religion, but also given them the opportunity to enrich their minds and souls in the knowledge of Allah (SWT) and His blessed Prophet (SAW), which would in turn provide a good foundation for them to progress on for their future.