Marketing and Public Relations

Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations

Partner Institution:

Institute of Professional Financial Managers (England)


Higher National Diploma


1 year

About Marketing and Public Relations Course:

The Marketing and Public Relations course is an exciting and dynamic program that explores the critical intersection of marketing and communication strategies in today’s business landscape. Through this comprehensive curriculum, students gain valuable insights into crafting compelling messages, building strong brand identities, and creating effective marketing campaigns.

The course covers various marketing fundamentals, including market research, consumer behavior analysis, and advertising techniques. Students learn to develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with their intended audiences and drive business growth.

Moreover, the course delves into the world of digital marketing and social media, equipping students with the skills to leverage online platforms for brand promotion, audience engagement, and lead generation.

In addition to marketing expertise, students explore the critical role of public relations in managing a company’s reputation and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders. They learn to create strategic communication plans, handle media relations, and address crisis situations effectively.

The Marketing and Public Relations course encourages creativity and innovation, empowering students to think outside the box when developing integrated marketing and communication campaigns. Through hands-on projects and real-world simulations, students gain practical experience in campaign planning, execution, and measurement.

The course also emphasizes the ethical considerations of marketing and public relations, instilling a sense of corporate responsibility and integrity in students as they navigate the complexities of the business world.

Upon completing the program, graduates emerge as well-rounded marketing and public relations professionals, ready to tackle diverse challenges in communication, brand management, and customer engagement. They are poised for rewarding careers in marketing agencies, corporate communications departments, nonprofit organizations, and various industries where their expertise in strategic communication and brand promotion can make a significant impact.

Lecture Guide:

  • Module DMPR 101: Introduction to Marketing.
    • Marketing
    • Marketings, Products and Services
    • Market Research
  • Module DMPR 102. Introduction to Basic Economics
    • Product policy
    • Pricing
    • Distribution policy
  • Module DMPR 103. International Strategy Implementation
    • International strategy implementation and control
  • Modules DMPR 104 Sales promotions and merchandising
  • Module DMPR 105. Introduction to public Relations
  • Modules DMPR 106. Stress
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