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Director's welcome note


Nothing is more professionally rewarding for me than sharing the joys and delights of SBEC’s education system with newcomers and visitors. In that spirit, I want to welcome you and tell you how glad I am that you are visiting our colorful and comprehensive website today. On it you will find pictures and words depicting and demonstrating SBEC’s engaging, inspiring, and enriching education.

SBEC International is the school where small classes ensure that each child is not only challenged and supported by the teachers, but also by his/her classmates in a culture of respect, discipline and responsibility.

Our vision is to make SBEC a school that produces holistically nurtured bilingual students who are fully prepared for the challenges of the rapidly changing world, in a stimulating and conducive environment where the uniqueness of each child is respected.

This is a wonderful place to be educated as a child, be cared for and be connected as a family. Our size at inception does not make it possible for us to cater for everyone, but we insist on making academic and behavioral excellence the focus of our school. However, if you think that a school that has high academic standards, small classes, and a strong parent support group might be the one for you, please contact us for a tour round the school campus itself.

In the meantime, enjoy your electronic tour.

Ayesha Njie-Nyang

Welcome to SBEC

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Why Parents prefer SBEC International Schools

SBEC International School is an international institution that combines academic excellence with a nurturing environment. With caring faculty, small class sizes, and a focus on character development. Our inclusive community offers diverse opportunities for growth. Join us to experience modern facilities and a strong track record, ensuring your child’s success.


We are Cambridge International School


Equipped classrooms & labs with technology integration


Highly qualified teachers that support social development


We promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity 


Safe and welcoming environment, with comfort and security


Diverse range of of extracurricular activities


What parents say about us

"At SBEC, our children flourish academically, and I love the way they handle things."
Mr. Ebrahima Ceesay
“Choosing SBEC was a brilliant decision. As parent, I am really happy for the outcome.”
Mrs. Mariam Jallow
“There are many international schools, but SBEC stands out in everything.”
Mr. Baba Jaiteh

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

SBEC’s mission is to produce holistically nurtured bilingual students who are fully prepared for the challenges of the rapidly changing world, in a stimulating and conducive environment where the uniqueness of each child is respected.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading International School in shaping world changers.

SBEC College Courses

With our international partners, we offer internationally recognised qualifications of various disciplines.

Our College Courses - Get Quick Glance!

July 23, 2023
July 23, 2023
July 23, 2023
July 22, 2023
July 22, 2023
July 22, 2023
July 22, 2023
July 22, 2023

We are an expert learning institution

At SBEC International School, we excel as an educational institution, driven by experienced educators and innovative teaching approaches. Our strong academic programs empower students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and global citizens.

We embrace expertise in education, promoting character development and inclusive community. Our modern facilities and supportive faculty ensure students thrive in a changing world.

Discover facts about SBEC Schools

Fun FACTS ABOUT SBEC Early childhood development (ECD) Schools
of all our pupils
50 %

master English and either French or Arabic before the end of the second year.

of our nursery pupils
50 %

can fluently count from 1 to 100, reflecting the effective and fun approach we take to nurture their number sense and arithmetic abilities.

Fun FACTS ABOUT SBEC Arabic and french junior schools
Student-Teacher Ratio
1: 1

with the state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, unleashing the creativity of every student.

of our grade 6 students
67 %

excel their Cambridge checkpoint examinations with Distinctions almost every year.

Fun FACTS ABOUT sbec arabic and french high schools
of our graduating students
50 %

graduate with distinctions in Cambridge IGCSE examinations - a record that is yet to be broken by any other school in the Gambia.

high tech computer labs

Highly sophisticate ICT Labs with modern high-end computers, interactive boards and state-of-the-art learning gadgets.

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